Compulsory Motor TPL is financial protection system build to prevent any grievance that third parties could face, due to lack of solvency of first party who caused bodily injury or property damage following any event related to a Car Accident.


How does the system works?


By conclusion of MTPL policy owners or drivers of motor vehicles transfer the risk for payment of compensation to third parties, which interest could be violated due to Car Accident. Insurer evaluates and pays implicitly compensation to injured party in certain time. This way the system ensures payment which amount could be raised beyond the solvency of first party. Compulsory character of this insurance, as well as build guarantee fund determines comprehensiveness of the system. Legislator identifies MTPL as compulsory insurance in article 249, par. 1 of Insurance Code and by article 253, par. 3 assigns to control of the Ministry of Interior. Everyone who owns or drive motor vehicle have to conclude Motor TPL - article 259 of Insurance Code. Insurer who is licensed to compulsory insurance cannot reject conclusion of insurance policy - article 250 of Insurance Code.


How can I conclude policy?


Control of conclusion of MTPL insurance policy is subsequent, which means that insured is responsible to keep his policy active. UBB Insurance Broker gives you various opportunities to facilitate that obligation.

You can conclude MTPL policy in UBB branches. There you will receive some bank services, offered by UBB, which will facilitate premium payment.

You can conclude MTPL policy by phone call or e-mail to our contributor, who will consult and support you in choosing insurance company and supplying you with insurance documents.


What advantages UBB IB provides you?


One of most significant advantage that UBB IB provides you is our system which monitors for expiring insurance policies. This way we will support you in your commitment imposed by the Code, to keep your policy active. We will prepare for you most attractive offers before the expiration of your policy. You may probably notice how dynamic the market of insurance services is. Insurance companies frequently change their tariffs, influenced by various reasons. We would like to ensure you that, when your policy expires market could be different than year ago, when you made your last survey. Our overall view on the market will help us work for you by offering most appropriate applications regarding your requirements.