What does CASCO mean?


The name of CASCO is an acronym build from the first letters of the words Casualty and Collision.


What insurance coverage can I receive?


AUTO-CASCO covers risks, which could lead to partial damage or complete loss of your car. One or more risks can be added to or excluded from the basic coverage "Fire and other perils", depending the choice of the client. The voluntary character of this insurance as well as the variety of offered risks contribute to the large number of insurance products on the market.


How can I choose the right company and product?


It depends on your requirements and expectations toward covered risks and price of the policy. Insurers offer different additional covers, various conditions for premium calculation (the price of the policy) and conditions for determination of compensation. Owing to the large amount of information, which consumers have to analyze, people often make their choice based on rumors or vague statements, which may cause loss of money and unexpected aftermath. To make your smart and informed decision you can contact our consultant, who will help you in conclusion of insurance policy - UBB Insurance Broker collaborates with all leading insurance companies on the market.