Peter Andronov is the new Chief Executive Officer of UBB. KBC Group becomes the largest financial group in Bulgaria with a total of 10 companies.

Today, the first General Meeting of UBB after its acquisition by the Belgian bancassurance group KBC Group, voted for the one-tier management structure of UBB to be changed to a two-tier management structure, and it also selected the following members of the Supervisory Board of the bank: Luc Popelier, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Willem Hueting, Member of the Supervisory Board, and Christine Van Rijsseghem, Member of the Supervisory Board. The three of them also form the Supervisory Board of the other bank in the group of KBC Group in Bulgaria – CIBANK.

After the General Meeting, the Supervisory Board has held its first meeting and has selected the members of the new Management Board of UBB. Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Management Board of UBB will be Peter Andronov, Country Manager of KBC Group for Bulgaria. He will combine his two new positions in UBB with his current management positions in CIBANK. The other members of the new Management Board of UBB are:

  • Christof De Mil, Chief Financial Officer, UBB
  • Frank Jansen, Executive Director Corporate and SME, UBB
  • Svetla Georgieva, Chief Risk Officer, UBB
  • Teodor Marinov, Executive Director Restructuring and Credit Management, UBB
  • Ivaylo Mateev, Chief Operations Officer, UBB


In the top management will be also Jan Swinnen as an Attorneys-in-Fact of UBB. At a later stage Hristina Filipova will also join the top management of UBB as a Procurator.

The new Chief Executive Officer Peter Andronov has disclosed that the name of the new united bank after the merger between UBB and CIBANK will be UBB, and as of today the logo of KBC Group is added to the graphic sign of UBB. He has clarified that for the time being the two banks continue to function as independent legal entities and there will be no significant changes for the clients before their operational union.

With the closure of the transaction of acquisition of UBB, KBC Group becomes the largest financial group in Bulgaria with 10 companies covering the full range of financial services. In addition to CIBANK and DZI (with two subsidiaries), the Group is joined by UBB, Interlease (with two subsidiaries), UBB Asset Management, UBB Factoring, UBB Insurance Broker and 60% of UBB Metlife.

Andronov also announced the new management of the subsidiaries. Chief Executive Officer of Interlease will be Rudolph Kypta, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Interlease will be Frank Jansen. Katina Peycheva will continue to hold her current position of Executive Director of UBB Asset Management, and as a Chairman of the Board of Directors is appointed Jan Swinnen. Executive Director of UBB Insurance Broker will be Deyan Avramov, and Chairman of the Board of Directors – Frank Jansen. UBB Factoring will be headed by Tsvetana Georgieva, who is currently heading the company. Kosta Cholakov, who is Chief Executive Officer of DZI, will also hold the position of Chairman of the Management Board of UBB Metlife.